“Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of”

This statement is just as appropriate now as it was then, poignant and compelling. A relevant message that many of us in today’s society most especially I, can identify with.

An effervescent young lady with all the ambition in the world yet spending  plenty of time partaking in an abundance of discourse and reasoning rather than doing, an epidemic in our society. We truly have been spoilt that our time management aptitude is appalling. Lacking are the days of regimented discipline that was instilled in kids of young.

I followed the expected course of life, reception, nursery, primary school, secondary school, college and university-where I concluded is my limit. From an early age I had great aspirations of being a powerful business force, breaking limits and being a beacon of inspiration. This ambition resonates with a large proportion of people however the degree of those that do is a very small percentage and it is not because they cannot, it is because they will not.

Straight out of University in 2009 which might I add was right at the beginning of the recession, meaning obtaining a job was less than tangible, but I believed in myself and my eagerness to work in order to fund my dreams was then unparalleled.  I did what anyone that wanted to get ahead would do; take any job the agencies I signed with would offer me.  In hindsight I am not certain that was a good idea but it provided some recompense even though work was seldom available.

I worked many temporary positions that at a moment’s notice could be terminated. This month employed the next two months unemployed. This cycle repeated itself for a long period and was the plight of many of my peers.

I failed to realise the golden nugget I had been gifted with, the quantity of time I committed to worrying about what I did not have during those many months of unemployment which I now understand to be freedom.  I observed from that experience that time was my confidante- After all great moments are created in time.

The perception of time and the way it is used is vital to the way we live our lives. When we think it is on our side, we devalue it and use it less purposefully, allowing it to elude us until an austere chain of events occur and in that instant makes us ponder and be grateful, making empty promises to be better, do better, give more, love more. Consequently the momentum dies and life returns as it were, as if nothing had ever happened.

It should not be this way but unfortunately due to the hum drum of life we have become desensitized to it and take it with all its richness for granted. Ingratitude, mediocrity and complacency are a far more a familiar way of life and subsequently has contributed to the distortion of what is important, stifling our ability to live life with all vigour and might, appreciating the small and big things.

The underlying principle of this quote is that life is short. We all know this and have probably repeated it innumerable times to ourselves and others, but saying it and living by this decree is vastly paradoxical.

Benjamin Franklin spoke of not “squandering time” how does one determine what is squandering time? My discernment in my years of living is that it is engaging in activities that are neither beneficial nor enjoyable. Circumstances can change in an instant, you can be hale and hearty today and ill and pale tomorrow, no one ever knows what will happen next so it is crucial to make the very best of the life you have, exploring every crevice of it.

The statistics for unemployment as of August 2013 sits at 2.49 million and out of that the youth that are unemployed are almost at 1 million. Granted such news is not delightful or galvanizing and will often times prove difficult to wade through the debt, bills and cost of standard of living enough to clear your mind and focus on your desires although there is something about being 25 that encourages you to re-evaluate your life and make a steady change, well for me at least.

As far as you have breath you can begin that race, start again or continue from where you left off, another day means another opportunity. These obstacles that life throws will always occur, how long will you allow it to dominate your life to the point where you no longer try for fear of failing? It is better to fail than to do nothing at all as failure begets learning.

If the greats like Thomas Edison chose to give up after the 100th time of trying, we would not know him or even reap the benefits of his genius that we use so freely now that in some countries is not a given or if Steve Jobs retired after the first few products he had released were found to be inadequate and deficient.Who would have thought we could speak to a phone and it would respond? Such technology was exclusive in the movies like ‘Knight Rider’ but is presently an essential feature used by many of us. Consider Steve Hawkins despite his physical deterioration has achieved astounding things even in his old age including opening for the Paralympics 2012. Margaret Thatcher our very first woman Prime Minister albeit a controversial one and likened to marmite, it is however impossible to deny her impact on Britain. All the aforementioned were undoubtedly accustomed to adversity yet they thrived using the time they were afforded. They have suffered loss, rejection, trials, financial distress and probably much more than the average because of their level of responsibility, still they are human like you and I.

At some point in life we have to take responsibility for ourselves and understand that we are a by-product of what we use our time to do. Those that are dedicated to living their dreams, have also spent much time committing themselves to whichever project their mind is focused on. They were not given extra time or special anatomy that enables greater productivity. Use your youth wisely, when you are determined you will create the time and abide by it.

Time can be our greatest ally what will you do with yours? The clock is ticking.

As I walk through life,
I look at all I have done.
I had wandered aimlessly,
And wondered what I have become.

I have been through so much,
It is amazing I made it through.
The lessons I have learned
I am shocked I pulled through.

The times I wondered
What life was all about.
The trials experienced in life,
Can make all the good come out.

We try to make it day by day.
Remembering what we were taught.
Just remember some time to pray,
It is important,
We need it every day.

Life can be short.
Unexpected at that.
We try to take its punches,
Just hoping it won’t break our back.

Remember who you are,
Who you want to become.
Everything will fall into place,
When the time comes.

Don’t forget I love you’s,
Every chance you get.
The time maybe short,
There is no time to regret.

Life can be exciting,
As we all have found out.
Eventful, even busy
There is no time to be left out.

Remember who you are,
And Who you want to become.
The time can be short
Don’t leave things undone…-Anon

The above poem are thoughts to be remembered.

There are constantly prospects to change and live the life you choose to live.  If you are pondering on it, just take action, as you never know what greatness will unfold from it.

As I finish writing this at 22.38 pm with work at 8am the next morning, I laugh at how opportune this moment is, as I had just come across the opportunity to explore this subject, after making a promise to myself that I will no longer wait for something to arrive or the perfect timing as that almost never happens.

So I am here as inspired by this quote, using my time in a way that I can account for and also be proud of regardless of the outcome… to write this piece.

Signed LBC

*The original piece has been edited for this blog*