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My weekend was nothing short of amazing!

It has been a breath of fresh air to say the least, not because I did anything particularly out of the ordinary, but more so because I spent it doing the most simplest of things with great people.

Sometimes, we over complicate things and in the process, miss out on many defining moments.

I had a defining moment this weekend and it was so minute I might just have overlooked it. Aside from being with good friends and enjoying myself wholly, I attended a special occasion and was moved by the people I was with. More than anything, it spoke of how far I had come from what I used to be and reiterated that you truly can achieve whatever it is that you want to.

Angry, resentful, destructive to friendly, charming and fun, imagine that. If I say it was easy I would be lying, it has been trying but extremely rewarding.

So I implore you today, whatever it is you want to achieve no matter how big or small it is, work at it now and be consistent. Consistency is key and must be exercised in order to see the kind of results that you want. If  you only give 50% once in a while, you’ll get once in a while results, if you give 50% frequently then the rate of return is higher and quicker…Capisce?

Don’t be consumed with the technicalities of doing things as that will very quickly become a deterrent for you.

It is important to not focus on the ‘how’ so much as it is more about the now. The ‘how’ will come to you as you continue to be proactive in pursuit of your goal.

Whatever it is you want to do, just begin it immediately and execute it in whichever way you know even if it turns out to be ineffective. If that does happen then guess what? You are still closer to getting it right because you have taken action. What you have actually done, is a process of elimination of how not to do it and additionally discovering how you can refine whatever it is you are doing. It’s a much better way to see it than to deem yourself as a failure. That word holds such a strong negative connotation.

The moment you procrastinate, the harder it becomes and the more you’ll end up talking yourself out of doing a great thing. It’s remarkable how once you have an idea that you almost instantaneously become extremely creative with all the reasons why it cannot be done -_-.  Humans are funny! You begin to back up your case study and draw out exhibit A-Z in support of your case. After you have done all that, my thoughts is this “and??!” just do it anyway!

I like to refer to it as telling yourself lies. We have all consistently said to ourselves “I can’t do it” “the reason I don’t feel like it can happen is” or the big one “I don’t have any money”…the lie detector determined that was a lie! If you desire it strongly enough you WILL commit to it, regardless of the circumstances.

Think of me as your sergeant “Just do it, do it, do it, DO IT, DO IT NOW!…DROP AND GIVE ME TE…” Ok I enjoyed that a little bit too much…*mumbles a sorry*

Any effort made towards your intended destination is progress, never mind how small it may be, as 20% from 0% is still a 20% increase and improvement from before-keep going!

One more thing is to not be so hard on yourself! Sometimes we are the most critical to ourselves and show ourselves no compassion whatsoever!  I used to think that if I berated myself, it would provoke me to act and do better-WRONG! It actually had the adverse effect and all it served to do is to keep me in the exact same spot. Speaking badly of yourself is not healthy and decreases self esteem. Positive affirmation leads to positive actions, speak well of yourself even if you mess up.

So, the three things I want you to remember this week is this:

  • Be consistent
  • Doing something is still better than having done nothing at all
  • Don’t berate yourself if you don’t meet a personal target, just keep going.

I bid you farewell till next time and have a fantastic week ahead!

Signed LBC

Ps Below is two of many pics taken over the weekend with a great friend. Oh and I’m the itty bitty one 🙂 I have no idea what we were laughing about but it must have been funny…Caption it.

photo (1)