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Getting Uncomfortable

I have a burning desire to live life with as much vigour as possible, in the best way conceivable. However, I realised that if I am to do this, then it is high time that I step completely out of my comfort zone, eek!

If you want to change your life, then everything needs to change. I’ll repeat that, if you want to change your life, EVERYTHING needs to change. It is impossible to change only one aspect of your life and expect that the rest will remain unaffected. Only one master can rule and take precedence.

Assuming you are trying to become a body builder, it is not enough for you to simply work out more because your fitness is also determined by what you eat. It is not enough for you to change what you eat without adjusting your eating patterns. It is not enough for you to change your eating patterns without studying your body and how it responds to different things. Along side these changes will come a different set of people that will be like-minded if not, I can assure you that your growth will be staggered-Iron sharpens iron. Hope you understand where I am going with this…

There is a cause and effect of everything and for those good things to materialise in your life, you need to reconfigure your actions from what you use to do, to what will bring about a different result or desired change.

It is principal that you comprehend that wherever you start, is only the beginning and will need to be developed further in order to experience any quality results. Some people start something and (it’s great that you’ve started) and assume that everything will fall into place automatically because of it, it is not so. These things require consistency. As mentioned in a previous post consistency is key!

With this in mind, I have a question for you…Do you stick to what you know because the fear of the unknown is greater than the desire to change? If this is the case then you have some reconfiguring to do. Imagine if everyone was to stick to the status quo? How boring would life be? Dare to be different and take chances. The people that see the most results are those that are constantly making the effort towards their desired goal and trust me it is anything but comfortable for them. There’s no magic to it aside from being consistent and having the strong will to be relentless in pursuit of your objective.

One common feeling shared by the elderly is how they wished they did more and took more chances. All those worries they had then, seem minuscule in the grand scheme of things. Don’t wait till you’re knocking on deaths door before deciding to do what you’ve always wanted to do. Let that not be your defibrillator because it may just be too late.

I know a major part of embarking on any journey is what others will think of you, my thoughts are F’ em!(as in forget them :P). Don’t consume yourself with thoughts of what if they don’t like it or me.  When you do this, you are essentially negotiating the terms and conditions of your life based on what someone else might think of you-doesn’t make sense to afford someone else such rights. Especially when these same said people neither have the balls to do it themselves nor will they consult you when conducting their business. Why therefore should your efforts be steered towards such things? As far as I am concerned it’s none of my business.

At the end of the day what’s the worst that could happen? It’s either it doesn’t work out or you don’t like it, life still goes on.

In whichever way possible, coerce yourself into doing something different and maintain that practice. With time you will become more open minded and effectively increase the willingness to explore things. It will also aid in causing you to think outside the box.

As I mentioned in the “Don’t you dare give up!” post it serves little purpose in focussing on the ‘how’ as that will become clear as you begin and continue on. The tendency is you will get stuck if you concentrate on the pragmatics of doing something, do it however you know how.

Five things to bear in mind for this week:

  1. Get clear on what you want to do this week, let’s call it your fear factor of the week. It might be something like attending an event alone or presenting a business proposal. The best way to grow is by action. You cannot grow if you remain under the same conditions you’ve always been in.
  2. Whatever you decide on, get it done asap! Don’t wait another moment to get started, otherwise you will talk yourself out of it. Even if it’s making that phone call, sending that email or filming that video,just make a start. The sooner you start the easier it is to continue and the harder it becomes to stop, make sense?
  3. Feed it. Once you’ve started don’t leave it there, push forward with it. It’s important that you water what you’ve sown, if not you’ll lose momentum and the fear you initially had may become stronger and appear less achievable.
  4. Find someone who can be accountable for you and your goals. Preferably someone who is doing what you want to do. Oh and please don’t tell everyone what you are doing when you start out as everyone has an opinion and you can easily become deterred once they begin to give their unsolicited advice -_-. (Yes, they may mean well but it is not always helpful)
  5. Have one thing to conquer every week. Proceed onto the next thing once you have achieved it. Remember the only limitations you have are the ones you have accepted. It only takes as long as you do.

Signed LBC

Ps. I’m doing two fear factors this week wish me luck!