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Started from the bottom now we’re here!

Everyone starts somewhere and the emphasis is on ‘starts’. Like I mentioned in the last post “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” so in order to head towards your desire position in life, you must take the first step, and then pick up pace. By pick up pace, I mean be consistent.

Some people take the initial necessary action and then assume everything will automatically fall into place. It is not so, you must keep it going, always. Think of it as a car, if you don’t constantly have your foot pressed down on the accelerator, which as you know allows the car to move forward, where exactly will you be going? So imagine you start the car, press the accelerator down for a few minutes, then you take your foot off, eventually the car will come to an abrupt stop.  Now relate that analogy to life, you cannot keep starting and stopping and expect to reach to your destination any time soon, neither will you see your preferred results.

When I think of some of the resources available to this generation, it is mind boggling! It says to me that there is no reason why any of us cannot be successful in our own right (whatever success means to us). Instead of making excuses, let’s use our resources, no matter how limiting they may appear to be.

What is stopping you from getting what you want? Your circumstances? Your friends and family?  Your job?  Your aesthetics? Your past? Fear? Resources? Whatever it is, it is changeable.

Transform your attitude towards it and you will transmute how you feel about it, your actions will also adjust to reflect this new line of thought. We attach emotions to our thoughts and that then governs how we do everything in life. For example, some people think of their jobs and smile, others do the same but scowl, Why? Because what they think about their job evokes a feeling, which sets the tone about how they then treat it, it is how we become conditioned.

Take stock of what is available to you right now and by virtue of you reading this, you have access to the Internet and that is an indispensable resource. You have access to hundreds, thousands, if not millions of people, data, opportunities and the ability to learn practically anything!

Start wherever you are, get clear on what you want, and begin to work on it immediately, using whatever is at your disposal. Like my friend says, if not now, when?

People tend to wait on someone or something to do an activity that they can do for themselves. Don’t let ‘someone’ or ‘something’ be the reason you don’t fulfil your dreams.

I made up my mind that I was not going to wait on anyone to do something that I wanted to do. So far, it has served me well, and reduced the potential frustration that I might have faced. You are the only one with your wants and the next person will not understand the importance or the urgency of it, which is why you must act promptly-Just do it!

So in closing remember to:

1.Start now! You have to be in it, to win it.

  1. Be open, and utilise what is available to you. It’s okay to ask for assistance. Everyone needs a hand at one point or another.
  1. Keep going…

Watch me here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGUzFq9UkZw