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Perception is everything!

You often hear people say ‘Image is everything’ and to a large extent it is, but before image, is perception. Perception is what you base the image on, your previously formed idea.

Glass half full or glass half empty?

Lost possession or a chance to start afresh?

Job- Modern day slavery or the opportunity to improve the quality of life?

Sick- Wallow in self-pity or the realisation that you need to take better care of yourself?

How we view things is the mastermind behind how we do things.

For example, if we think women that are scantily clad, are highly sought after, then those that like the idea will indoctrinate it and those that disagree will not. If you think that sex is the best marketing tool and you have a product to market, what will you do? E.g Every perfume ad there is, ha! There’s usually something sex related going on, as their desire is to focus on our senses, femininity and sexuality.

Con artist come in different forms but if one in a suit walked into a bank and requested a large loan, s/he may be treated considerably different to someone wearing a tracksuit. Why? Because of the previously formed ideas about what this persons image represents to them and where it fits in in this society.

We like to size up everything, we need to be able to identify what something means to us in our world. Everything needs to quantifiable otherwise it doesn’t exist nor does it make much sense, which is why everything has a name-Logic and sensibility is our ruler. You identify me first by my name, and then everything else follows; my speech, my sense of style, my home life, my work life and so on. You begin to formulate a theory as to who I might be and how I relate to you, after this, you decide how you are going to respond to me.

So if we treat people in this manner, and act in line to how we have judged them, reflect then on how you view your life. Can we agree that how we choose to see life affects how we function?

If you had 20/20 vision and today you decided, do you know what? I fancy wearing bifocals for the next two weeks. There are a number of things that will happen, the two namely are, an impaired vision and a deficiency in ability. It wouldn’t be beneficial to you as it is for those that need bifocals everyday. For those that need it, it enhances their ability to see and therefore improves the quality of their day-to-day living, for you it is an impediment and severely reduces your ability to be effective in your everyday life.

With that said, if you are a chronic complainer or Debbie downer, what do you expect to create in your world? If all you ever point out or notice is all the negative things, what will continue to happen?

A few years ago, I went through a period of thinking that I was cursed, I had to be! The stories I could tell you, you wouldn’t want to make these up. My fortune was just abysmal or so it seemed. I have since realised that what I choose to focus on would be my fortune. You can only act in accordance to how you think, your thoughts set the motion for everything else that is to follow.

Whatever you think it is, it is, whatever you think you are, you are. If you want to change your actions then you must begin by altering your thoughts.

Tip: If you want to shift your thinking paradigm start by consciously being grateful for everything you have. What that does is train your mind to seek out the good. Just like you would condition the body to get fit, the same goes for the mind. Be good to your mind and it will be good for you.

Question for you: If your perception was a frequency what would it be picking up?