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I have been AWOL and by no means it is that acceptable but lend me your ears for a quick moment. I have been doing a lot of deep, DEEP soul searching as to who I am and my purpose in life and I just don’t know where to go, SIKE!(Psych) Well sort of, I am in the process of reconfiguring some things behind the scenes in regards to LBC, which is taking longer than expected and hasn’t allowed me to blog as I would like. I don’t want to extend my time away even further, so instead I’ll be doing something a little bit different than usual and posting various writings, whilst I get all of my life together. I will post once a day for the next one week and it will range from storytelling to random ramblings. I hope you don’t mind…brb.

 “Screw yourself over

These are not exclusive and limited to the following

All the things you should do if you want to mess up your career, the lower position you have, the less you have to do to cock up.

  • Don’t be on time ever
  • Never and I mean never go to work events. It’s the perfect way to cement your relationship with the business and your colleagues
  • Don’t say Good Morning
  • If your colleagues offer you tea or coffee, always, always say no without giving a concrete reason as to why.
  • Don’t ask about family, the weekend; in fact never be interested in anything your colleagues say.
  • Always dress inappropriately and proposition those in higher positions, you will certainly gain respect in the industry
  • You MUST mix business and pleasure at every chance you get. If you like someone, just go for it! What have you got to lose?
  • Send abuse via email about your boss to your “friends” at work, people never get caught or fired over such things
  • Embezzle, embezzle, embezzle!
  • If you are angry or upset, attack the offender! Violent people are usually well received
  • Be a pervert and harass your colleagues, it is a great way to have a first class ticket to the sex offenders list.
  • Be a compulsive liar, people LOVE bullsh*tters.
  • Use profanity every chance you get, its acceptable in every environment.”

An excerpt from my upcoming book University is A Waste of Time © 2015 Irene Ephraim All rights reserved