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I write this post on my flight to Barcelona for a quick break. 

I am travelling alone *queues song* ‘all by myseeellllffffff”yes, you heard, by myself. I’m not meeting anyone there, nor do I know anyone. I am literally entering unknown territory. Although it poses no direct dangers, it’s still a nerving yet exciting prospect-Beating to your own drum.

When I told my mum, two days ago, that I was going away by myself she exclaimed ‘Irene why? You’re so impatient, why couldn’t you wait for a friend? ‘ -_- (prior to booking the trip it had been 2 months of negotiating).There’s a reason I tell my parents last minute, because in typical parental fashion, I am bound to hear a list of what I shouldn’t do, and whys. But when it’s already done and so close to the time, there’s little that can be said to change my mind and I like it that way :). Rebel? Not really, well maybe a little bit.

Travelling alone isn’t something people from my background do often, it’s kind of weird to us and to be honest, it wasn’t my first decision. I had spoken to a number of friends about travelling together and made several attempts to find something suitable for us, but nothing seemed to work with any of them. It was either the cost of holiday or trying to match our schedules and after going through this process with 5+ friends, it became tideous  and incredibly frustrating and as my mother already mentioned I am impatient.

I was still looking at holidays to fit in with a friend and then I had a thought, ‘sod it, I’m going by myself!’. No more ‘trying’ to make it work to their favour, after all it was MY desire. To be frank, the friends in question didn’t help ease the process either *major side eye*, I still love you though lol. 
If there is one with thing I detest, it’s putting your desires and aspirations on hold, in waiting for someone to be ready or get with the programme and I wasn’t about to let that happen. I needed to be on new soil and have new experiences and that’s exactly what I was going to do. 

I must say, I was inspired by a lady I met on my last holiday in France, who told me she travelled all the time by herself and thoroughly enjoyed it. I remember thinking at the time, what a brave thing to do, not knowing that in few months time that would be me. (Ooww! my ears are popping from the pressure) 

I haven’t felt this liberated in a very long time and I find myself cheesing whilst in transit, because I actually did it! (We are about to land now). I had a couple of friends say jokingly ‘You’re my hero’ because of my choice to travel alone as it’s not something people from my area do often. 

I do hope that in reality, it encourages someone to go forth in boldness for what they want. The right time or circumstance seldom come around, you have to make it that way. No matter what or who, pursue your desires with much fervency and you will be rewarded. 

I’m here now, see you xo