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Who likes to plan? I! Who wants things to go according to their plan? I! Whose plan almost never goes to plan? I!

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan and it sucks! You devote so much of your energy to making something work (Ok, slightly contradictory to my last post but don’t stone me just yet) and things still fall apart.

So what do you do? You stop *crickets, tumbleweed, saloon doors flap*.  You stop and take inventory of what’s taking place and re-strategise.

I cannot tell you how many people become stagnant and ‘fail’ because they’re stuck on their preferred means in which something is suppose to happen.  For example, I thought that by the time I was in my mid 20’s Ill have a thriving business, a plethora of accolades, my own immediate family (a girl can dream right?) HOWEVER, that is not what has happened *cues violins*.

If I gave up because those things had not yet occurred, you wouldn’t be reading this right now, you must keep going! Change the formula, experiment, pay attention to what is ACTUALLY working and do that.

Don’t go against the grain instead flow with the current, the fact that you re-strategised doesn’t mean that the aspiration will not be achieved, it’s simply a change of action plan.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those that cannot change their minds, cannot change anything”-George Bernard Shaw.

P.S The top three common things successful people say is important are: have passion, believe in yourself and commit.