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We always want more yet some of us have done so little with what we have. Ok let me speak for myself, I always want more, better even, but have I made great use of my current resources? Truth be told, no.
Each person has a unique set of skills, resources and ability. They may vary in degrees of expertise, or quality but they are nonetheless existent and purposeful. How purposeful? Well…that depends on you.

It’s Monday, so why not start with a fresh mind and a new direction? Write a list of all the things you have, be it a talent, skill, resource, material item, it could be anything and next to that item, state its use. The idea is to become more aware of what you have in your immediate possession. It will also help you to realise what you are not utilising well enough.

I’ll give you a few of mine that are on my list:

  1. Own vehicle (I value my independence greatly). I am able to move freely from place to place, at my own leisure, meaning I can make appointments, arrive to work on time(erm yeah), meet friends, travel up and down the country (I drove to Wales a couple months back), the list is endless.
  2. It allows me to develop my skills further, interact and build relationships with people that I may not encounter on a day to day basis. I makes moniessssssss, I mean I am paid for my services, which consequently affords me the standard of living that I have and the opportunity to develop myself further in other areas of life.
  1. Social media accounts (that I don’t use nearly as much as I should, ugh)-I can connect and reach people all over the world, I learn a lot about the issues that affect people nationally and internationally. I am also inspired and encouraged by the stories and lives of the people that I come across. People also get to see what I am about and my interests which is (currently) posing for the gram-just kidding!
  1. I am keen learner and can easily adapt to any environment. There’s little to nothing that I won’t make an attempt at doing, no matter how difficult, it’s always worth a try. It means that there’s a lot I am able to do.
  1. Healthy body (sort of, I need a six pack, help! I can’t stop stuffing my face) and a ‘sound’ mind.  I am able to function independently; I can get up and go. Whatever I set my mind to do, I can do. I have conditioned my mind to focus on the positive so I never stay down for long-thankfully (Once upon a time, I could be depressed for days/weeks/months on end).
  1. Ability to create, write, inspire, cultivate.
  1. Creative
  1. An analytical mind. I can piece things together quite quickly and find solutions.
  1. A good sense of style. Perception accounts for a lot

You may have a completely different set of ideals, and the above are just a few of mine. After writing down your list, intentionally decide on what you will use more, or maybe differently. Have it down as an action plan for the week, and let’s see what you come up with.

Till next time, have a great week!