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My observation over the past few weeks is that we/I think too much. As mentioned in a previous post, ‘anxiety is worrying about the future and depression is worrying about the past’ both of which are regressive and stress inducing.

Now I know I speak a lot on what you ‘think’ but this time around, my focus is on the intensity at which we think. We magnify things and situations and make them much more than they ever need be, in turn it impacts our judgement and our capacity to be effectively functional.

In all honesty, it is at times too much!
It’s too much, when it’s depriving you of sleep
It’s too much, when you are no longer able to make sound decisions
It’s too much, when we over complicate the simplest of things

Yesterday was a particularly trying day for me. I spent majority of it going over events that had taken place, and by being pedantic over each and every detail. This only made it worse and my mood deteriorated very quickly. I couldn’t do my work properly, it completely spoilt my day, but guess what? That was the choice I made, I had ‘thought’ myself into a worse place.  I did eventually get annoyed with feeling annoyed and actively made steps to improve my current state.

At what point, do we stop tormenting ourselves with our thoughts and start ‘living’.
Living out in a way that brings about the things that we really want to exist in our lives?

The ability to live happily and purposefully is a choice and a habit that has to be nurtured. It will not happen overnight but baby steps will make a difference. It’s like stone skipping, the stone is small but it has the power to cause a ripple effect. The more it’s done, the better you become.

If you were an artist, you would practice to get better form right? Well this is no different. You have to do it repeatedly and earnestly.

Clear out the mental jargon that is causing you to be pregnant with stagnation and stress. Create or find a system that helps you to develop healthier thinking practices.

Start it now, get a pen and paper, use your phone, get on the Internet, research and put together how you intend to think less and do more. I firmly believe that sometimes, you do have the answer, its just a matter of searching for it.
Everyday is a new opportunity, to do and be better…yesterday was yesterday, today is today…

Think once, twic.. do it or forget it!
Think once, twic…do it or forget it!