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Hello, from the other siiiiiiaaaahhhddd
Was that really corny? Ah well.

Happy New Year Guys!!!

Does anyone remember when people thought the world was going to end in the year 2000? Lol(or was it just religious people that thought this? :s)…16 years later, here we are!

Can I be brutally honest? The last couple of months have been horrendous in relation to writing anything. It’s been filled with a lot of starts but no middles and ends, which ultimately has caused me to be away for that period. I like to write from a place of not thinking, by that I mean, it’s not contrived or pretentious, just authentic with my thoughts and feelings. When I’m incapable of doing this, well, you know what happens…

Anyway, I just wanted to touch on something quickly. Every success story was once filled with many sleepless nights, tears, hard work, consistency and tenacity.

It’s so easy in this social media age to become disillusioned by what we see and to judge their grass to grace story as a failure of our own. Someone’s beauty, style, presence, talent and so on, does NOT negate nor devalue the existence of your own. You’re necessary and provide something unique in the same way that they do.

What you mustn’t do is compare. Comparison is the thief of joy and in this instance, you will never match up, ever. You will constantly find ways to judge yourself against them and come up short, so do yourself a favour, don’t do it.

Relish in your capabilities and individuality,let that be your compass. Focus on developing yourself further and keep a steady eye on the prize.

This year, let your light shine xo