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The first time is always the hardest.

I am currently in the process of completing a challenging task. It’s challenging because its something I have never done before, so in actuality for the most part, I’m winging it.

I think we have all faced an obstacle before that we thought would be impossible to overcome, but as you began to make steps towards dealing with it, it became less daunting, more achievable and before you knew it, it was done. In hindsight you think, what was the big deal?

I use to find driving next to a bus the scariest thing! I would think that if I got close, it would crush me, what a thing to think?! However after a number of driving lessons, I became more confident and less frightful. Now its second nature to me BUT it is only this way because I practiced and repeated particular actions consistently for a period of time and most importantly I did it once.

Simon Cowell declared bankruptcy earlier on in his career and had to sell some of his belongings and move back home with his parents. Notwithstanding his change of fortune, he was able to recreate success again because he had already done it once before.

Channel all your energy not on the million and one things you want to achieve, but rather on completing a goal that you believe will make a significant difference to your life. Whether you do it greatly or badly, you’re still in a better position than having not tried at all. What you learn from it is far more valuable than the price paid and it allows you to do it better, faster and greater the next time.