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He’s just not that into you.

You’re still entertaining that guy that you promised yourself you’d leave behind in 2015? Pray tell why?

As women we want to make a guy good even when he isn’t. We are prepared to go to hell or high water to make him be who we want him to be, but the truth is this, sh*t decorated is still sh*t. You can pretty it up all you want but no good is no good!

We can’t help it (well you can), we’re suckers for love and unfortunately we’ve been conditioned to believe in ‘fairy tales’ (without the work) and we willingly pay the price for it. The cost? settling.

A woman’s intuition is one of her greatest assets but we often go against it because we believe our good intentions for a person is sufficient.

So in light of the Twitter hashtag #wastehertime, let me save yours.

Patronisingly, we know some of these things, and would tell our friends what to do and how to do it, but yet and still taking our own advice is a hard pill to swallow.

Let me be your girlfriend from afar.

Hints he’s not into you

  1. You initiate most of the meet ups and organise them. What you have is not a love interest but a son. If you’ve got to encourage every meeting…he’s not that into you.
  2. You’ve been dating for a while and you’ve not met any of his friends, he has however, met some of yours.
  3. If you bump into some girl/friends of his and he fails to simply introduce you even just as friend, he has other motives. Likelihood is he still wants to seem available to others and one way to do that is by not introducing you. The signal it also sends out is that you are significant. Sorry
  4. If you have to decipher what he means in a message or something he said, you are doing way too much. Take it from someone who has been there-leave it. Guys usually say what they mean, they can be quite shrewd and calculated in what they reveal, especially in cases where they have no intentions of something meaningful.
  5. Sometimes it’s just as much about what they do as what they don’t do.
  6. If he shies away from meeting any of your friends or family, even on a casual basis, he is not interested in developing something serious or even remaining a friend. He doesn’t want to get attached to you or the people that are important to you, because when the time comes he’d like to make like Houdini and vamoose.
  7. He doesn’t take an interest in your life, day to day living or want to learn more about you.
  8. He never has any “time” for you. Oh but you say he’s busy? Here’s the thing, you’re never too busy for the things that you value or are a priority to you. You will create the time-period!
  9. Doesn’t include you in future plans

Of course these instances aren’t strict and there are some exceptions. If you are feeling uncomfortable with your current status, its because something’s amiss. Do yourself a favour don’t overlook it -Trust your instincts.

Like the infamous meme says, “If you gotta to force it, leave it alone. Relationships, friendships, ponytails, just leave it.” –Anon

Speaking of which, there might be someone I have to drop out…Great! -_-