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Have you ever wished, hoped and prayed that “someone” will put you on or save you? I know I have. I have the novels I read as a child to blame for that.

The reality is that YOU are that person.

For a while now, I have wanted a mentor, someone who has the expertise and the success I would like to attain for myself. Not just in the typical things like career, but in spirituality, family life, finances and the like. However, the attempts I have made to get one, keeps falling flat – Nobody wants me 😦 .

Although I do believe it’s an important aspect in growing, I have resolved to focus on what I am doing, and what I need will come in due time.

We give so much of our energy to focusing on other people, what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, whom they’re doing it with, how they can assist us and not enough on what you’re doing. There is a vast amount we can do for ourselves that we do not do.

My mother would say to me ‘time waits for no man’, devote the time and effort to yourself, you HAVE to do the work. Sometimes it is disheartening when you don’t see the results you want immediately, but those who succeed, are persistent and patient.

Remember we cannot sow and reap at the same time, there is a season for everything.