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I’m always open to trying new things, you cannot know if you like something until you do it.

Last Sunday I did something that if I had known the full extent of what it entailed, I wouldn’t have done it. Nope not I.

I had heard about this restaurant called Dans Le Noir, which in english is ‘In the Dark’. I had wanted to go for a while now, but the chance hadn’t presented itself. The premise of the restaurant is that you dine in the dark.

One fateful day last week, my friend invited me and of course I leapt at the opportunity, finally, I get to go!

The day of reckoning had arrived and after telling my other very dry friends (lol) also known as enemies of progress, what I was about to do, they proceeded to tell me ALLLLLL the things that could go wrong, including finding a maggot in my food?!

Naturally, I start to get nervous, especially as I’m an exceptionally picky eater. I defiantly tell them that I am still going and that there’s nothing they can do to dissuade me. At this point the really dark part hadn’t quite dawned on me.

I meet up with my friend who I was attending dinner with, and he begins to give me a better idea of what it would be like as he had been before some years back.

I am told the waiters are blind and about the blackness I am about to go into.

I heard him but I didn’t REALLY hear him because when I say, nothing prepares you for the dining experience, I mean absolutely nothing!

You think your eyes will adjust and you’ll see something, nope not happening.

It’s time to go in, I place my hand on the shoulder of the waiter Fabio as he leads us into the dining area.





Once seated, I begin to hyperventilate because the place feels small, not that I would know because I couldn’t see anything (i’m claustrophobic) and on top of that I forgot something quite crucial. I have a fear of going blind.

I truly felt what it might be like to be blind and for me it was an eye opener,literally. I was so appreciative of Fabio, who was incredibly helpful and polite.

In a way it’s good that I wasn’t prepared because I never would have done it. I wanted to sprint towards the door, but that would have been a futile attempt for obvious reasons.

Thankfully my friend was there and managed to get me to relax, which was no easy task. I’m grateful I was with him otherwise I would not have stayed and faced my fear in this way.

What I loved about it was the sense of freedom it gave, in that you could speak freely and without judgement. You also bonded with the other diners because you were all sharing a very rare experience together. There were no distractions, just you, your company and the darkness as companions and this meant you were really able to engage with them and others around you.

Will I do it again? Not any time soon, give me a minute. In the future, possibly.

Should you do it? Absolutely! Try it once.

What’s next on the list? Well sky diving durrh 😉