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Every Monday for the next four weeks, I am going to write about someone who inspires me.

Anthony Joshua is the first up.

I have been saying for months now that AJ (that’s what I call him because we’re friends init) has to be in my circle. Is that weird? Nah, not to me, listen if you don’t ask, you don’t get, stranger things have happened.

Why Anthony? Well in the two years I have known about him, he has made huge strides in his career.

From a delinquent teen, to an Olympic Gold Medalist, father and IBF Heavyweight World Champion, he has accomplished a lot in a short space of time.

As someone who has dabbled in boxing myself for fitness purposes only, I am massive fan of people who are able to exercise self-control over a period of time to achieve a goal, its attractive, motivating.

Anthony has shown his commitment to bettering his life and the life of his family. He is disciplined as evidenced by his spectacular physique and titles, and we know, this is no small feat.

He has put the work in, just take a look at his hands, they reveal the blood, sweat and I’m sure at one point, tears that he has shed.

What’s equally as impressive as his aesthetics is that behind it, is a powerful and mastered mind, don’t believe me? Watch this vid https://youtu.be/K1HydHBjJeo

With his commanding presence, one might expect him to throw his weight about and be ostentatious, but he’s quite the opposite.  His genuine humility makes him even more likeable.

Of British and Nigerian descent, yup this makes me proud…and the best part, he’s just getting started.

Mr chat sh*t get banged next’s fight is on the 25th June facing Dominic Breazeale, what he is now calling the ‘KO Show’. Will you be watching?

Oh one last tidbit, I’ve noticed a direct correlation between successful people and exercise. A lot of them do it in one form or fashion.

What exercise does for the body is nothing in comparison for what it does for the mind. If you don’t already exercise, do yourself a good deed and start. It can be walking, jogging, weight lifting, the gym, an activity, anything that is physically challenging will do the trick, so far as you’re pushing your limits on a regular basis.

Train the body, strengthen the mind.