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If you’re struggling to fly, drop that dead weight.

We’re aware that the things we surround ourselves with and the environment we live in can greatly affect the way we function.

For some time now I had been feeling stagnant and lumbered with other people’s problems. You might say it’s a choice to take on OPP, however, in some cases you ingest their plight subconsciously, it’s why I categorically avoid the news.

That’s one aspect, the other is being in an environment that does not cultivate the person and lifestyle you want to have/be and lastly holding onto that person, thing or past event. All the above can stifle and hold you back in more ways than you realise, thankfully there is a way out.

The solution? Well that’s for you to figure out…just kidding (although you do have a huge part to play in it). It will require you making some tough decisions/actions and sticking it through until desired results are met.

Maybe that’s something you’re dealing with now, frustration, despair, repetitiveness, and you’re in dire need of change. The best and most important place to start is with yourself. You have control over your life and the way you chose to live it, so it makes sense that you will also be the very same person to bring about imminent change.

I promise that once you begin to face these issues head on and eliminate them one by one, the quality of your life will be enhanced.

What does that mean in theory? It means, going for that role that you think is out of reach, studying your finances to see what your spending habits are like and where you’re going wrong, letting go of that person who doesn’t edify your life and have your best interests at heart, adjusting the attitude you have towards some things and checking yourself, facing the reality that you have made some bad choices and committing yourself to making better ones, learning to be at peace regardless of the circumstance, changing your language and circles, definitively, you know the areas that require your undivided attention. Spend some of your energy on changing, removing yourself from the situation and or letting go of those things.

I must emphasis, as exciting or not exciting this journey may be, there WILL be times that you’ll falter, go off track, feel like giving up, be close to the edge, I implore you not to. Ride out the wave of those feelings, push through anyway, pick up from where you left off, you will soon start to see the results you want in your life, it just may not happen overnight.

Honestly, truthfully, sincerely, take care of yourself, it’s the way to not only be of good service to yourself, but to others also.