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Yesterday oh yesterday, what a pile of cow dung! In other words it was a crap day. Things were not going in my favour at all. It was one thing after the other and I eventually succumbed to the negativity that surrounded me. As you can imagine from that point onwards my judgement was skewed and everything was bigger and worse than it need be.

I had to check myself and attempt to regulate my attitude.

I find the following things helpful when having a bad day:

  • Music always puts me in a better mood. I must mention that when feeling down, refrain from listening to particularly melancholy songs as that will only heighten your bad mood. Music works because the vibration is higher and quicker, where talking at a steady pace may assist of a longer period of time, the singing, melodies and beat of song is much more intense that you are forced to match its vibration almost instantly. It will be difficult to resist the reverberation and you’ll very soon find yourself in a better mood. Try it, speak to anyone with low energy and see how they respond to you and do the opposite, notice the difference.
  • Exercise, again very similar reasoning as above. In addition to this, you burn calories, and get rid of toxic waste, and the negative energy you hold, you’ll expend.
  • Change of environment. Take a different route home, visit a place you’ve always wanted to, go to the museum, watch a play, attend an event (Eventbrite is a great website to look at), try a different type of food, do an activity that is out of the norm, it will shake things up and give you a new perspective and refresh your mind. Make a habit of introducing yourself to something new.
  • Lastly and most importantly, have an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’. I spent some of yesterday thinking about all the million and one things that I pay for and how I really wasn’t enjoying this period of my life. I walked up to my car and thought, thank God, the insurance and upkeep of the car I pay allows me to get around with ease and style, I value my independence greatly. I was walking around with a fairly expensive camera that someone had gifted to me last Christmas, I get to capture great moments and cherish them forever. My contract phone means I can communicate with my friends and family conveniently throughout the day, month, and year and the list goes on. Focusing and being thankful for the good things, aids in cultivating a more positive mind set. This is part of conditioning, the more you do it, the better you become at being optimistic and effectively productive. This also helps in building your bounce back muscles.

I hope the above gives you some things to think about doing and maybe you can come up with a list of your own.

Please do feel free to share.