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Last night I was racking my brain on what to write for today’s blog, nothing came, I was uninspired.
Then I woke up this morning and was immediately faced with a hard decision, bingo! There was my subject matter.

The decision was of a financial nature and we all know how that goes. In fact, the past few months have been extremely trying. I have been performing magic tricks to make everything work and I’m not exaggerating! I didn’t know I was that talented. 

So this morning, whilst figuring out what my next trick would be, I repeatedly reminded myself that ‘this is temporary, I’ll be onto something better soon’. 

I’m not even going to front, there have been times where I have thought, I am so going to settle for mediocrity right now, and just give up the good fight, what is the point?! But the way my whole life is set up, that would never work. So I return to the drawing board, change my language and refocus.

When times are particularly challenging, it’s easy to think that you’ll be in this place forever, that it will never get better and there’s little to no hope, my life experiences however, have consistently shown me otherwise: there is more, there is better, and it can always happen to you. 

I believe that miracles are happening all the time and everywhere, I am living proof of that. If I told you some of things I have dealt with and overcome, you’d probably look at me funny from there on out, because I either could have been institutionalised or worse, dead. 

I want to encourage you to not let up, keep moving forward and continue to do the best you can, it will pay off! There is a season for everything, and if it’s hard for you right now (as it is me), consider this the germination stage.

Take solace in knowing that your current status is not permanent and better times are indeed, around the corner.

Write down some mantras and repeat them to yourself when you feel your energy and enthusiasm is beginning to wane. Refocus on the good things, if you have experienced good times before, you certainly will have them again, just believe.