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Snapchat inspired this post. I am an avid user and think the concept is great!

A few weeks ago snapchat included bitmoji’s, which my friend and I absolutely love and it got me thinking. Snapchat is constantly evolving and that’s the very reason why people enjoy it so much. There’s always something new to play around with. 

There is only so long you can continue to do the same thing without changing yet still expecting to be effective. What once worked now doesn’t and you therefore have to improve yourself and or your business in order to remain powerful, relevant and influential. To do that you must reinvent yourself, like Hov says “allow me to re-introduce myself, my name is…”

Let’s look at this Pokémon Go craze that took over the world a couple of weeks back, people were losing their minds over this game. Everywhere you looked there was someone on it, men and women in a zombie like trance, looking for a Pokémon. Here’s the thing with this kind of fad, it is short lived, the creators must now find a way to make it more interesting and continue to captivate its users as I am sure it will. 

Snapchat has a different kind of fan base, their rise to popularity has been slow and steady. They have our attention now and to keep it, they make it their business to keep it fresh.

Come to think of it, I’m sure in some way Snapchat is going to give me an inferiority complex because some those filters make me look way too good ha! I still love it.

I have thought many times about how and why Beyoncé is still relevant decades later. Achieving this kind of success is not easy, she has to constantly stay ahead, use the element of surprise and raise the bar.

People get bored of seeing the same thing, you have to show what else you have to offer, in what other way can people relate to you? What makes you different from Lucy or Liam? Why should I pay attention you?

It’s time to get creative! Brainstorm on the things that you like to see and what grabs your attention. Consider how you can implement these new ideas into whatever it is you do. There is absolutely nothing that cannot be achieved with persistency, desire and determination.

Think of it this way, recall a time where you really wanted something that wasn’t easily attainable but you pursued it anyway and got it, remember? You can duplicate that success again if only you would apply yourself. 

Just another thing to add, STAY in your lane, don’t jump onto the next thing because it is currently ‘popping’, quick fads are exactly that, quick fads. Stick to what you are good at and focus on improving that, dominate it, and then move onto something else.

Cultivate the habit of being a master of one rather than mediocre at multiple trades. I’m not saying you cannot be good at many things, of course you can, but would you rather be decent at a few things or great at one thing first? I know what I would chose and take it from me, being a jack of all trades doesn’t establish you as having a USP and what you need, what we all need is a USP.

I mean would you take anyone seriously who has not yet achieved success in one thing first, yet claims to be good at a trillion other things all at the same time? Nah. 

Most successful people start off with having that one thing that they’re known for as being an authority in and then over time they diversify.

Dominate then diversify.

Last thoughts: Sometimes I think the way I write in comparison to my real life personality is boring. Yes I said it, boring. In real life I’m a lot more energetic, creative and spontaneous, but when it comes to this blog I almost strip myself bare of all of those qualities but that’s about to change.

Watch this space…

P.s I decided to reinvent myself as a bunny hence the picture…no, not really.