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As it always happens I started to write on a completely different topic and changed course midway.

I was watching ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ on Netflix, I have been utterly obsessed with law-based shows. I think as a law degree holder my interest in them is even more piqued.

Before I get to the real meat of this blog post, can I just say that the one thing I have learnt about the law in practice from watching these shows (Suits, The Good Wife, HTGAWM), is that there is always an angle and a way around the law, it truly isn’t absolute – Well that’s my take on it.

Moving on, like I mentioned earlier I was watching HTGAWM on my MacBook laptop, but I needed to do some work, so I decided to use a Toshiba laptop to watch the show. I looked at the resolution difference and I was shocked. In comparison, the MacBook wins hands down and it made me ponder, why would anyone settle for less if it is the best? The cost will pale in respect of what you’ll get.

Name one thing you need to do on a computer that Apple is not the lead in? It will be very little that they don’t excel in.

Okay sure that’s up for debate, but lets not lose focus, my point is this, you have to be indispensable, make it that even though, there are plenty other options, you are the best one for them. Have your USP upfront and centre, 4th, 5th, 6th, are not often remembered.

Be great at what you do, whether someone is watching or not, be great at it. It will pay off one day soon.

Stick to what works for you and if you don’t know what that is, ask the people around you. Enquire about what your strong suits are or what makes you stand out the most. If it’s a product or service you provide, ask them what is the most likeable thing about it and go from there.

Work with what works.


P.s Well that was short and sweet.