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My last post was a doozy! Phew. But we’re here now and moving forward.

We have 3.5 weeks left before we’re in officially in 2017! Does that excite you?

I have been saying that I cannot wait for 2016 to be over for the a little while now and then I thought about it, why can’t I wait? What about it being 2017 will make a difference?

Let’s think about it. In reality all it is, is another day. That’s it.

With the risk of sounding cynical, it’s not like we’re able to wipe out 2016 nor is there a worldwide ritual that takes place in order to enter into the New Year.

New and better things are ultimately down to us. The wonderful thing about that is you can begin again at anytime and anywhere.

Did you hear me? I said at ANYTIME and ANYWHERE. So why wait till 2017?

You hear hoards of people say ‘this year is my year’ and they talk about all the great and magnificent things that will happen. How sway? Transformation only comes through changed and consistent behaviour. You can’t do the same thing and expect there to be some revolution in your life. You have to put the work in.

Many parts of this year may not have been great or enjoyable but I am determined to end the year well and welcome my life into 2017 with grace, strength and a new energy and that starts now! There is absolutely no time like the present. Where is the sense in waiting for the New Year when you can implement change right now this second?!

You want things to be different? Start now. Work on those habits that have created the life you live that you want to be rid of. Remove old ways of thinking, and put on a new way of thinking-Be transformed by the renewing of your mind

And remember your power is in the small things.


Psst…watch my very first (and probably last) video of the year! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVgcWtKzuGM&t=301s