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I believe I said that I would go to the gym on Wednesday? Yeah, that didn’t happen. I ended up going for dessert with my neighbour. And yes the dessert was amazing! Waffles with Nutella spread all over and crushed Oreos, mmm yum, but erm no good for my body goals. 


29 June 2017

Today was an utter disaster! 

I had been planning and prepping for a work event for weeks. No stone was left unturned. I was pedantic, no, manic with every detail, but where did it all go wrong? Technology. Good ol’ technology! It did me so dirty today, I was livid. Every expletive you know of, was used. From the beginning of the event till the end, I spent it trying to connect Skype calls, carry out presentations, communicate with multiple people and take notes- epic fail. One thing I do not like is to look or be incompetent. I don’t even like the idea of it.  

Sure, everyone was really understanding and I was even applauded at the end for all my efforts but that’s not the point! Where’s bloody Olivia Pope when you need her? The universe clearly had other plans. Murphy’s f**king law. 

My mood was so bad that I almost cancelled my plans to meet a group of friends, which had been organised a month ago.  

I raved and ranted to a gentleman friend, who ever so kindly came down to meet me at London Bridge for a quick drink before I had to meet my other friends. So sweet. 


Needless to say my evening did get better thanks to him and a few others. For that, I am grateful. 



I even got a gift from a good friend of mine from his trip to New Orleans, which is one of the places on my hit list to visit.


That’s all folks till hopefully, tomorrow :s


P.s That wasn’t a lot of writing but trust me, what I had written before was total crap, nothing made sense!