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Who’s whispering in your ear?

Do the people around you validate your fears? Do they exacerbate an already bad situation with their opinions and presence? Do they tell you about all the terrible ways they have dealt with things and encourage you to do the same? Do they knock your dreams? If so, drop them, now!

I am very very mindful about who I confide in concerning the matters of my life. One of the things I recommend not doing, is going around telling any and everyone who would listen about your problems or aspirations and here’s why:

When you speak to people who do not see the bigger picture, who are perpetually negative, who do not aspire to do or be better, whose life’s a constant mess, you’ll end up in the same position that you’ve always been in or worse still in the position they have always been. Their words and actions are infectious, make no mistake about it.

You need people in your life that will challenge your behaviour and thoughts, who will correct you when you’re wrong, who will give you a different perspective on things, who are actively in pursuit of manifesting their dreams and who have accomplished many and great things in their lives. You DO NOT want to speak to those who have achieved nothing great or positive, have given up on their dreams, who are constant complainers and always have something negative to say. You might not know it but the words and things you hear and see are shaping the world around you every single day. They are more influential than you think as whatever goes into your ears and eyes feeds you.

A couple of times a month or more I drive through the area I want to live in because I have to be reminded of my goals and what’s possible. If there is nothing around you that reiterates what you want in your life, you have to go there physically. Take yourself there through what you listen to, who you speak to, where you go, what you do and lastly through your imagination. And you always have your imagination. 

…Psst, let me whisper something in your ear, come closer, a bit more, perfect, go be great.