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Talks of Tier 5? What are they doing? Who is in BJ’s camp advising him? And when will they all leave this office? 

Feels like we’re unlocking a new level in a game, but instead of gaining points, collecting treasures and getting super powers, we’re awarded an increase in frustration, confusion and sadness.
I’m convinced Boris hates his constituents. 
Everything, is too little, too late.

I understand that this is brand new for all of us, including the government. The difference however, is that they have access to experts in every field to guide them on how to best manage the pandemic and people, along with their expectations, well-being, and livelihoods.
Also, we’re all privy to seeing how other countries have dealt with efficacy. For goodness sake, take notes!

Clear messaging creates clear expectation, which avoids disappointment.

We all hate what this pandemic has done, but it’s the management of it all that’s one of most challenging things about it. 

The messaging has been unclear, impractical, and simply cannot be trusted. 
The ping ponging of our physical, emotional and mental well-being is what is taking a huge toll on everyone. Its our lives in the balance— double entendre intended.

I watched this video a little while back (see below) and this principle, is one way to effectively manage things in difficult and unprecedented times.

If anyone knows the PM, please direct him to this post.
Thanks, management.

That’s my little rant over. Back to us.

For us as individuals, we have a responsibility to ourselves. We cannot afford to rely on the elected to make decisions that support us.
So in this transformational period, pivot.
This has been my saving grace. When plans do not work out, I work with what’s working, I look at the alternatives, I face what’s immediately in front of me not months ahead, I control what I can control, and leave the rest.
Standing in one spot and allowing life to happen to us in every aspect is only going to pull us further and further away from our nirvana.

Shift your focus and pool your energy into a penetrable cause. Think of yourself as an athlete, say a tennis or basketball player or even a footballer. Consider how they constantly look for the opportunity to win. That’s what we can do too, win.
N.B Everyone’s winning is different.

…And I have every faith that as resilient and buoyant people, we will recover, like always.



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