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Can you see the heart shape?

This week has been…*deep exhale*
In any case, we made it. And we mustn’t take it lightly.
Someone, before the end of this sentence has left this realm.
We mustn’t take lightly, the gift we’ve been given.

It was 4am and I couldn’t sleep. No surprise there.
I went downstairs and made a cup of chamomile tea.
Embracing the warmth pulsating through my hands, I took a cautious sip and followed the liquid as it travelled down. The heat inflamed my chest. 
What a beautiful feeling. To be alive. To experience. To feel. To be present.

Write down what you are thankful for, so you can visually see all your riches.
These are some of mine in no particular order.

Thankful to be healthy 
Thankful for my family 
Thankful for my brilliant mind 
Thankful for the wisdom instilled in me 
Thankful for a roof over my head 
Thankful for my partner 
Thankful for my friends 
Thankful for waking up this morning
Thankful that I can cook 
Thankful that I can eat what I choose to eat
Thankful that I can give 
Thankful for my vision 
Thankful for all my senses that work together beautifully 
Thankful for my bed and electric blanket
Thankful for my creativity 
Thankful for this blog
Thankful for the ability to write 
Thankful for the money that I have 
Thankful that I am always provided for 
Thankful for my intuition 
Thankful for discernment

Thankful for music
Thankful that things easily work out for me
Thankful for stillness in the midst of chaos 

With everything shifting and things disintegrating around us, I still have so much to be grateful for. I’m sure you do too. Let’s focus on that, and savour the small, almost indistinguishable moments, as those are the things that affirm our lives.

I wish you all an uplifting, rejuvenating & loving weekend




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