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You’re very clear on what you don’t want. You’ve said it a million times, I don’t want this, I don’t want that, I don’t like this, I don’t like that.

Are you clear on what you do want, as much as you are on what you don’t?

In the past, I struggled with this. I could immediately think of what I didn’t want, and conjure up all manner of weird, scary, hypothetical things that could go wrong, but to be clear & visualise what I do want, I had to dig deep. As soon as I came into that awareness, I knew I had to fix it.

If you cannot make believe in your mind first, then there’s very little chance that you will experience it in reality. How can you create something you have not first pictured?

Notice your thoughts and practice building the picture.
Let’s pick something typical, like a house. What style of house? Detached, semi-detached? Is there a gate or garden? How many floors and rooms are there? Who lives there with you? and so on. Go as far as you’d like.
In this doing this, which might seem silly, you are training your mind to take you to the place visually with ease AND it develops your decision making skills.
You know what you want, have a point of reference, and direction.

Now more than ever, we have to use our imagination to get us through to the other side.
Think about it, everything we see, was once in someone’s mind. Everything around us, was once make believe. Imagine that?!

Perhaps you’ve been thinking that you have no control. This is your sign that you do and that there is something simple that you can do right now. You can use tools like a pen and paper, or mood and vision boards to help flesh out and define your ambitions.
I personally love writing (obviously) in a notebook, or notes on my phone, or putting pictures in my vision book, or meditating in the shower. Use whatever you like.

Whenever I use pictures, I always write the quality, characteristic, or feeling that I would like.

It’s Saturday, and a perfect time to imagine. Have fun with it!



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