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Take care of it now, before it takes care of you. And I don’t mean in the good sense.

You ever have something that you put off that you know you need to do. You keep saying tomorrow, Monday, next week, in March, and before you know it, all those dates have come and gone and you haven’t done it yet. You set new dates and times, and still do not take care of it. This cycle is repeated, until one day, all hell breaks loose, and you absolutely have no other choice but to deal with it.

This was me in 2017. It was time to let go of my car, but I did not want to.
On the things that I have accomplished that I still relish till today, the ability to drive is in my top 3. I love the freedom it gives me.
I go on a date and he’s acting weird? I hop in my car and zoom off (I have done this way too many times lol)
I want to hit up 4 locations in one night? I hop in my car and zoom off.
I want to drive to Wales for 24 hours? I hop in my car and zoom off.
Need to do a massive food shop at various places? I hop in my car and zoom off.
I do not have to wait on anyone or ask for permission, and I love it!

Me, sitting the car I am getting next 🙂

Can you see how letting go of my car was a challenge.
There is a saying, those who can’t hear must feel, and boy did I feel it.
Between June and September of that year, there were 3 car accidents. Did you hear me? I said THREE?! Who with years of experience finds themselves in that position? W-H-O?! These incidents were unnatural.
I am thankful that I and no one else was hurt, but I. was. pissed!

The message was loud and clear, it was time for it to go. At that point, I didn’t even care, get thee far away from me!
I learnt a huge lesson in doing things in a timely fashion. It could have cost me so much more…

It might not even make sense what you have to do, but do it!
If there is something you have been putting on the back burner, now is the time to deal with it. Take out the paperwork, read it, call up the bank, pay for life insurance, speak to that estranged person, register your business, start your YouTube channel, whatever it is, take care of it whilst you still have a choice.



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