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Face your front is a common Nigerian expression, meaning to look ahead, pay attention to your affairs and stop watching others. The irony is the exact opposite expression also exists, and its ‘Look at your mates’, but we will unpack that another time.

How much further along might you be if you pull backed some of your energy from fruitless endeavours and redistributed into your own life?

When I reflect on a number of past activities, I momentarily feel a grave sense of regret because of what I allowed to fall by the wayside.
Energy is currency, and wherever you are spending it, is an investment you’re making each and every single time. With this in mind, what is your investment revealing to you?

I have regularly made other people and things a priority and we’ve all been taught to do that, often to our own detriment.
Truthfully, there will always be things to take care of and give yourself to, but it’s your responsibility to make your personal business of great importance and to see it through.
People are not always going to check in on you to see if you’re on track and doing what you said you’d do. You have to hold yourself accountable.
Create a system that gives you both the space to audit what you have done to date and develop your interests, and you can start by being present, analysing your thoughts, and examining your actions.

Only you know and understand the gravitas of the mandate you have for your life…Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live it out in this lifetime? and need I say it, the idea of tomorrow is a hope and not a guarantee.



Question It

Fortuitously, I picked up this book recently to re-read it for the umpteenth time and the words below reflect my sentiments in this post. Much of our education of the world comes from other sources. We seldom form and realise our own ideas about it till much later on in life, if ever at all. …

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It Didn’t Work

It didn’t work. Didn’t it? Or did you give up after the first attempt?  We’ve become accustomed to expecting microwave results. We no longer believe in the art of cultivating, nurturing or giving of ourselves to a thing. We want it, and we want it now.  I often go back to what I was like as a child. …

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Endless Excuses

We are full of excuses. Excuses that hinder, inhibit, and can foster stagnation. And yes, sometimes they are valid and substantiated, however, they are only as powerful as we say they are. I often remember what a coach said to me once, after I poured out my heart and laid out my issues regarding overcoming …

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