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Fortuitously, I picked up this book recently to re-read it for the umpteenth time and the words below reflect my sentiments in this post.

Much of our education of the world comes from other sources. We seldom form and realise our own ideas about it till much later on in life, if ever at all. And yes, whilst it may still contain notions previously thought of by those before us, we can however, develop those concepts further and make them our own.

When anything happens we assign a feeling, often predetermined by other peoples thoughts and experiences, and that then, informs and shapes ours.
For example, you interviewed for a job and were not chosen for the role. The automated modus operandi for many is that of failure, low self-esteem, incompetence, depression and the list goes on. 

But why does not getting what you applied for, have to mean all those things? 
What if—what if whatever happens to you, you refrain from immediately reacting to it, and simply question, observe and ponder on it before determining your truest feelings? You just might uncover what belongs to do you and what doesn’t.

Question your modus operandi. 


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