I visited the Musée Yves Saint Laurent on Sunday and was re-energised by what I saw.

For the designer, it was more than just clothes that looked good, it was art, curated by passion, breaking moulds and forging new ways to be seen and felt.
As I perused his wears, studied the fabrics, observed the silhouettes, it was clear that immense thought and intention went into his work. He took his time.

His office

Society will tell you you’re not moving fast enough, and that you need to constantly churn out great results all the time, but what effect does that have on the quality of what you’re doing and more importantly, you?
The focus these days is on how quickly you can produce anything and make money, money, money! Outrage and shock is the new currency and we are all suffering because of this untameable beast, but I digress.

What I’d like to stress instead, is to move at your own pace, whichever speed that may be. Choose quality over quantity and allow room for things to breathe and naturally evolve.
It is perfectly okay to take your time and finish well.



Belief–An Acceptance That Something Exists

I made myself stupid. Hear me out. Years ago, because of an unhealthy level of expectation I placed on myself (which stemmed from comparison), I would harshly judge what I said and how I said it. I would go over every minute detail and pick myself apart mentally, with the underlying message being you’re not …

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WDYWM?! Episode 10–My Life In Paris

This episode is about my experience of being a Black Brit who moved from London to Paris in a pandemic. I discuss having covid, language barriers and general challenges of integrating into a new society.

Forgive–To Cancel a Debt.

Nothing is more important than what you choose to do with the breadth of your life. To not forgive is to rob yourself of a life you deserve. …but alas it is you that has been sentenced to a life in prison.  Unforgiveness* is a treacherous con artist because it deceives you into thinking you’re …

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What Are You Looking At? 

A video of Kim K came across my sight over the weekend. It was her on SNL. I watched it and it dawned on me that I have no idea what she and her family were up to these days.  It’s fascinating what can change once you set your eyes on something entirely different.  I regularly …

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