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A video of Kim K came across my sight over the weekend. It was her on SNL. 
I watched it and it dawned on me that I have no idea what she and her family were up to these days. 

It’s fascinating what can change once you set your eyes on something entirely different. 

I regularly take inventory of what’s around me in my space, what I’m looking at, what I’m listening to, as I recognise how easy it is to be influenced by unwanted things. And whatever I discover that is no longer in alignment, I remove.

People underestimate how much what you hear or see repeatedly, informs what you think and do. Little and big things will shape the lens at which you view things, and this is why it is imperative that you to protect your peace, build your immunity and purposefully cultivate your community. 

If something isn’t quite right, analyse what is on your doorstep and hire + fire accordingly–You are the guardian.


P.s The end of era is nigh. I am hanging this up soon. Thank you.

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