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I love the first day of the month, especially when it lands on a Monday. 
For each day this week I’ll be posting a word to ponder on. 

Today’s word is:
1. disengage (something or part of something) and remove it.
2. leave or separate oneself from (a group or place).

For me, this means letting go of what’s happened, and focusing on what is. It looks like freeing myself daily from being held hostage to my 25 year old thoughts of who I expected myself to be at this point. 
I do this by confirming (not affirming) my presence in the present, i.e observing what is literally in front of me. Then I ask what can I do in this moment for me, my environment or immediate future? And that may be cooking a tasty meal with love and intention, beautifying my space, handling personal admin, or doing absolutely nothing!

What does detaching look like to you?



I Made It

33 held so much for me. I felt like I couldn’t fully exhale for a few reasons.Give or take the inaccuracies of reported history, Jesus was 33 when he ascended. My late friend was also 33 when he ascended. And a small part of me had come to anticipate that this too could be my …

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The constant chatter is overwhelming. One person says this, another person says that. Your mum says it’s this way, your brother says it’s the other. Then there’s the people who love to be contrarian with no actual thoughts of their own, just adept at piggybacking off what a group of people might agree upon and finding a …

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Cloudy With A Chance Of…

One day you’re fine, life is good and the air is filled with prospects that you could almost pluck them like the squiggly lines you see when you look at a blue sky. The following day however, you’re freezing your bits off, your umbrella is inside out and the contents of your bag have just …

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The Improbable Is Still Possible 

Improbable–not likely to be true or to happen.I saw a TikTok of a guy doing the improbable. Getting two basketballs into a hoop using a crutch, throwing a CD into a moving Wii console, releasing ping pong balls with the aim of reaching various points and so on.   It was fascinating to watch. In a different …

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