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When I thought of today’s word, I’d already accepted that I had very little of it. Routines and monotony are not my strong suits. And then I looked up the definition and I was surprised.
It’s shifted my perspective and has given me food for thought. 
We use discipline to strictly imply no stick-to-it-ness, but it’s official meaning indicates something a bit different. 


1. the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using punishment to correct disobedience. 

2. a branch of knowledge, typically one studied in higher education.

There are other definitions but these are the commonly recognised ones.
The words that stood out to me (and not in the best way) were obey rules, code of behaviour & punishment.

This insight has given me greater permission to limit self-flagellation, because I’m a human being and not something to be subjugated.
What might be a better descriptor for we need more of is tenacity, determination, commitment, persistence, consistency or perseverance. It is not discipline that’s missing as no one needs to be punished, penalised or forced into line, which is what many of us think when we consider ourselves lacking.

Words are potent, know its spell and be intentional.



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