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1. accomplishing a desired aim or result. 
2. having achieved fame, wealth, or social status.

The media will have you believe that houses, cars, money, having a partner, and followers are the epitome of success. We inherently know this isn’t true, yet we still uphold them as markers of significant value.
We yearn to have these things, in the way we have been conditioned to have these things, only to realise after attaining the object of affection, that this aint it. Of course it’s not, because it didn’t belong to you in the first place, and it’s high time we all defined success for ourselves, outside of the noise, traditions, familiar influence and virtual reality.

To me, living life on your terms and being authentic in this world, is the real bag.

We’re all successful, just as we are.


P.s We are the media now, and we can change the narrative at any time.

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