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Promise– the quality of potential excellence.
Possibilities– a thing that may happen or be the case.

That we get to be here and experience a new week full of promise and possibilities is magical. 
I love that for us.

Who knows what wonderful, delightful thing may happen to and for us.
The promise within that, makes me feel invincible. 

All things are possible, including your wildest, most riveting and powerful desires.
And if you don’t have anything that makes you feel excited, darling, make believe.
After all, everything we live in is made-to-believe; what’s here, once wasn’t, and what isn’t, is on it’s way.
My reality, your reality, the worlds reality, is borne from a cocktail of imaginations. Think about it. Literally.



A Long Way From Home

Sometimes, it is necessary to look back. I randomly came across email exchanges from 14 years ago. What I saw shocked, embarrassed and made me laugh until tears fell. My verbal communication was abysmal. How did anyone ever engage in written conversation with me? and furthermore why? Were they nuts?! I didn’t go looking for …

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Treat It Like An Exam

Treat it like an exam. This came to me at 7:46am this morning.  I was pondering on the how’s of a particular thing. I quickly snapped out of it like a Raven Baxter premonition because the ‘how’ is none of my business. The ‘do’ is where it’s at. And by do, that means doing it …

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Accelerate Your Life

The New Year is fast approaching, and it’s the time many people begin to reflect and go over the year. It’s at this point that people panic and have great anxiety over what they did or didn’t do and resolve to do better…in the new year.Why wait, when you can get a headstart now. One …

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Little Pockets Of Joy

Joy is usually reserved for the ‘big’ moments. Moments like a new car, house, engagement, pregnancy, job and the like. It’s also solely thought of as something that is given to you, rather than something you can cultivate for yourself. This is where Little Pockets of Joy comes in. I believe in en•joy•ment of the …

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