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Sometimes, it is necessary to look back.
I randomly came across email exchanges from 14 years ago. What I saw shocked, embarrassed and made me laugh until tears fell.
My verbal communication was abysmal. How did anyone ever engage in written conversation with me? and furthermore why? Were they nuts?!

I didn’t go looking for it, but I welcomed seeing my growth in such a real tangible way. It was clear that I had evolved. For the better.

It’s hard to see how far we have come when the evidence isn’t glaringly obvious.
The proof is not smacking you in the face so you must not be growing right? Go back.
Rummage through old notebooks, pictures, emails, items. You’ll see it. What looks back at you, might get you to puff up your chest a little bit because you’ll realise that actually you smashed it.
You made lemonade from lemon. Not once, or twice, but over and over again.
Don’t be so hard on yourself, cut yourself some slack and whilst you’re at it pat yourself on the back.


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