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Improbable–not likely to be true or to happen.
I saw a TikTok of a guy doing the improbable. Getting two basketballs into a hoop using a crutch, throwing a CD into a moving Wii console, releasing ping pong balls with the aim of reaching various points and so on.  

It was fascinating to watch.
In a different video he broke down how long each one took to achieve, most of them hours on end. Interesting. So it didn’t take him the first attempt to get it? Hmm. What about the second? Nope.
The third? No bueno. Fourth? Fifth? Sixth? No, no, no!
It took innumerable attempts to make the shot. This is what ‘dust yourself off and try again’ looks like.

We think of what we want as something so out of reach that we don’t even enter the game–Disqualify ourselves from the start line.
But what if like the video, we kept taking the shot, learning from the last attempt, and didn’t relent?

What we are often blind to, is that in a lot of situations we only need one viable shot to change the course of our lives. Just one.

I must remember this the next time I am in a French class, feeling overwhelmed, thinking how in the world will I learn this intricate, confusing, très difficile language; one word at a time.


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